Welcome to SA

You may have tried other sex recovery fellowships but not yet found the answer to your sex addiction problem. SA has a strong definition of sobriety, which works for us. We have found a solution and have become free of lust, one day at a time. 

We don’t claim this way is for everybody, but if you want to stop lusting and become sexually sober, we'd like to share our solution with you.

Fellowship in Glendalough

Following the All Hallows SA & S-Anon Conventions, Dublin, 18th- 20th July 2014, about twenty of us booked into the Youth Hostel in Glendalough for two nights. SA and S-Sanon were both represented.

Something greater, smarter and wiser than my addiction

My first SA meeting really helped me to see that I was not the only one in the world who knew what I'm going through. All my best thinking had put me in a terrible place. All my best thinking couldn't get me out of it. So there had to be something that was greater, smarter, wiser than my own best thinking to get me out.

Letting go of old ideas

This amazing programme of recovery (really a kind of "life university"!) seems to work by osmosis rather than through the head.

Lust calls a press conference

Lust: Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I appreciate you responding at such short notice.  As a Capital Sin, I'm not much on Patience - that's more in the Virtues' line. (laughter)

Keep coming back - we have a solution

When I was a kid and I was learning how to ride a bike I fell a number of times until I got the hang of it. Does that mean I never fell again?  No. Does that make me a failure at riding a bike?  No. 


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