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You may have tried other sex recovery fellowships but not yet found the answer to your sex addiction problem. Sexaholics Anonymous has a strong definition of sobriety, which works for us. We have found a solution and have become free of lust, one day at a time.

We don’t claim this way is for everybody, but if you want to stop lusting and become sexually sober, we'd like to share our solution with you.

In Sexaholics Anonymous, we define sobriety as "no sex other than with spouse and progressive victory over lust". For us the term “spouse” means one’s partner in a marriage between a man and a woman. So, for the unmarried lust addict, sexual sobriety means freedom from sex of any kind. And for all of us in Sexaholics Anonymous, single and married alike, sexual sobriety also includes progressive victory over lust.

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Sharing our experience, strength and hope

Below SA members share their personal experiences in lust recovery. None of us speak for SA. The principles of Sexaholics Anonymous are found in our 12 Steps and 12 Traditions. Please take what you like and leave the rest.

Crazy Stupid Lust

Today my bird bath froze over, and I had the humorous sight of seeing birds ice skate as they tried to drink from it.  A bird thinking ice is drinkable water is less crazy than me thinking a person on a magazine page loves me.  And my actions as a result of that thought have been less dignified than ice skating.

What recovery and sobriety look like

For a month and a half now, I have not intentionally searched out images on the internet.  With God’s help, I'm learning how not to stare at attractive women (although I am far from perfect in this).  I am finding that, like so many things, with practice, it starts to feel more “natural”.  I realize that I actually don’t have to take that second (or third) look.  But I also realize that, like alcohol, lust is a subtle foe.

J'ai passé une vie d'esclavage.

J'ai passé ma vie entière dans la luxure. Pour luxurer j'ai utilisé le sexe, l'alcool, les relations, le travestisme, le narcissisme, la nourriture, la religion, la dépendance des autres, le pouvoir, la reconnaissance publique, les média, la dépression, la honte, l'intellect, la douleur, l'argent, le snobisme, le jugement, mes illusions, la réussite matériel, la psychose, le danger, le désespoir, mes fantasmes...

The place where bad things turn good

I've learned is that whenever I surrender my judgement of what's good and bad for me I gain a new perspective.  A while back, my son was arrested for assaulting a police officer.  I called my sponsor immediately.  His response was "Congratulations".  My sponsor was able to see beyond the "bad thing".  My son spent six months in a halfway house where he was introduced to the 12 Steps.  So the "bad thing" turned into a "good thing".

The lust solution is always available

Surrender is the giving up of something specific - a specific temptation to lust for instance. The temptation is real and it is there in this moment. I can surrender it. That is a choice I can still make. But once I take the drink of lust, I'm already getting drunk, and probably on my way to acting out. An inevitable sequence of events is already set in motion. Lust must be surrendered, or the bondage returns.

What lust did for me

I once heard an AA speaker say, “Alcohol could never have done so much TO me if it didn’t do so much FOR me.”  A light went on when I heard that, because it’s certainly true for me and my lust. When I honestly look at what lust used to do for me, it makes a powerful argument for going back to it.


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